1. How do I ride an OGO E-Scooter?

Step 1 – go to play store or apple store

Step 2 – download OGO Scooters App (FREE)

Step 3 – fill in personal information including credit or debit card

Step 4 – press unlock and scan the start ride QR code

Step 5 – end ride within geofence by scanning end ride QR code

 2. How much does it cost to ride an OGO scooter?

There is an initial $1 charge to start the ride and an additional $0.33 a minute.

3. How do I start my ride?

Within the OGO app press unlock and scan the start ride QR code or type in the QR number.

 4. How do I end my ride?

Within the OGO app press the end trip button and then scan the end ride QR code.

 5. How many users can sign up per phone?

Only one user can sign up per phone

 6. Can more than one person ride at a time?

No, only one person may ride at a time.

 7. Can I use more than one user per credit or debit card?

Yes you may add the same credit card to multiple accounts.

8. Where are the geo-fence boundaries?

The geo-fence is clearly outlined in the mobile application on the map. If you ride beyond the green geo-fence the scooter will warn you to turn back and proceed to shut down.

9. How do I lock my scooter?

Press the lock button within the mobile application. This is used for locking your scooter when going into stores, on the beach, at the library, etc. Please not normal ride prices will continue during the locked period ($0.33 a minute).

10. How do I unlock my scooter?

When ready to resume your ride return to the scooter and press the unlock button within the mobile application. 

11. How do I start / accelerate the scooter?

Push kick the scooter three times and then press OGO accelerator button on the right handle.

12. How do I stop / decelerate the scooter?

Always use back brake first by using your back foot to depress the brake onto the back wheel.

You may also use front brake labelled NOGO on left handle in combination with the back brake.

13. How do I change gears?

Double click the power button.

14. How fast is the scooter?

1st gear = 10km – Indicated By Blank Screen (No “S”)

2nd gear = 18km – Indicated By White “S” 

3rd gear = 25km –  Indicated By Red “S”



16. How far is the scooter’s range?

45km depending on battery life, weight, terrain, and weather conditions.

17. What is the maximum weight limit?

220 Lbs

18. How old do you have to be to ride?


19. Do I need to wear a helmet?

We strongly suggest you wear a helmet but it is not required. Ride at your own risk.

20. Where can I ride?

E-Scooters can be operated in selected off-street corridors within the City of Kelowna. The map within the OGO mobile app shows the geo-fence where e-scooters can be legally operated in Kelowna.

21. How do I contact customer support?

Email or call 1-780-862-6595

Chris Szydlowski
River Valley Adventure Co.
Canada West Segway
9735 Grierson Hill
direct 780-862-6595